Barbecue Guy Tries to Get Back Into His Restaurant in Defiance of Lockdown Orders, It Doesn't End Well

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Adam Skelly of Adamson Barbecue said he’d finally had enough. He said he complied with two weeks to flatten the curve and the initial lockdowns to stop the virus.


But enough was enough, he said, with the latest lockdown. He was going to open his restaurant in Toronto, Canada, despite the provincial lockdown on indoor dining.

First the police threatened the customers with consequences.

Then, the long arm of the authorities dropped on Skelly today. The police broke into his restaurant and then tried to lock him out of it. When he showed up and tried to get in, they put him under arrest. There was a big contingent of police and a bigger contingent of Skelly supporters. One man even intervened and tried to pull him away from the cops. That man was taken to the ground and likely arrested as well.


Arrested. For trespassing. On his own property. For serving food.

Meanwhile, the people alleged that places like Costco and Walmart are allowed to be open. But not these guys and other small businesses.

Here’s a sample of how true that is.

While the authorities had mounted police out ready to shut down Skelly’s barbecue, they were completely cool with an “Indigenous Rights” protest that blocked the middle of a busy street, also in Toronto, and drew a crowd into a packed intersection. But remember the basic liberal rule in force here: liberal/leftist protest = Wuhan coronavirus can’t find you and can’t spread.


But while Skelly did get arrested, he may have sparked a mini revolt because other businesses are now refusing to comply rather than go under.



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