Ilhan Omar Sticks Her Foot in Her Mouth in Ridiculous Tweet

House Television via AP

Let’s just say that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) perceptions are more than a bit skewed by her bias.

But her comment this week about U.S. plane sales to the United Arab Emirates was a piece of work, even by Omar standards for ridiculous comments.

It left people both laughing and at the same time sad that anyone so lacking in logic and basic common sense could be in the U.S. Congress.

“A single F-35 costs over $100 million,” Omar claimed. “For that kind of money, we could feed 40 million kids. I’ve introduced legislation to block the sale of F-35s and other weapons to the UAE, a global human rights abuser. We should be focused on the deadly pandemic, not arming dictators.”

Now there might be a variety of questions one might legitimately ask about such a sale. But this was just painfully dumb. Did you notice the small flaw in her logic? She doesn’t seem to understand that when the U.S. sells planes we get the money. She wants to stop sales of the plane to the UAE, claiming that for that kind of money we could feed 40 million kids. But if she stops the sales, we don’t get the money from the UAE, so then no one would be fed. How does someone not understand that basic concept?

People let her have it on Twitter.

But of course, it really isn’t about logic. It’s about hatred of Israel. And the UAE has moved up on Omar’s list to hit because they just signed a peace deal with Israel. So it’s that simple. If the plane sale were to Iran or Turkey, we likely wouldn’t hear a peep from her, despite the fact that there’s no question that Iran far surpasses anything UAE has ever done in the “human rights abuse” arena.

It’s perhaps not surprising that while she won her race in a very Democratic area, she underperformed bigly.

A significant percentage of Democrats that voted for Biden rejected her, which says a lot about rejecting the radical left and likely why the GOP did so well across the board in House races.

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