Media Suppression of This Information Helped Steal the Election

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As I reported earlier, Tucker Carlson did an epic rant last night about how media and Big Tech had basically stolen the election right in front of us for Joe Biden, whatever else went on in the actual election itself.


That’s not just Carlson randomly speculating. There’s data to back that up, from two different surveys that show had media not been biased, sat on stories that were negative to Joe Biden and not reported/spun stories that were favorable to President Donald Trump, that a significant number of Biden voters would not have voted for him.

From Washington Examiner:

In one survey for MRC by McLaughlin & Associates, enough of Biden’s voters would have switched their selection had they known about his son Hunter’s money scandal to give Trump a victory. In that poll, 4.6% of Biden’s voters said they would not have selected him had they been aware of his son’s China money affair.

In the second, done by the Polling Company for MRC, 17% of voters would have shifted away from Biden had they known about Biden’s scandals and Trump’s achievements.

Enough voters would have switched in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, to have given them to Trump without question, according to Brent Bozell.

“He would have won 311 Electoral Votes. To put it another way, and look at the final slide, and this is the number that is stunning — 17% of Biden voters would not have voted for Joe Biden had they been aware of at least one of those eight stories. So just think about that for a second. Donald Trump would have won every single contested race in America. Of the six contested races, he would have won every single one. And you would have had at least 311 electoral votes,” said Bozell.


So it’s not a small thing and not a coincidence that when the Hunter Biden story hit, that Twitter forbade the url from being shared and even suspended the New York Post’s account.

If you read RedState, you’re obviously up on a lot of what is happening. But still it’s scary how ignorant of some of the facts these Biden voters were, who didn’t know Biden had been accused of sexual assault, who didn’t know about the Hunter Biden pay for play scandal and who didn’t know how far left Kamala Harris has been. The voters also were as ignorant of Trump’s successes, no surprise perhaps given that the media failed to report on many of them or downplayed them including the huge job and economic growth under Trump as well as the peace agreements he’d brokered and how he made us energy independent for the first time. And yes, blame the media because if they’re reporting honestly, then at least some of those things would get out there.

While the media criticized everything Trump did in regard to the coronavirus and spun everything he said to a negative, they didn’t report prior to the election his successes in improving testing, in cutting travel with China and Europe (which Biden wouldn’t even agree was right until April 2) which saved countless lives and ultimately Operation Warp Speed which helped to produce multiple vaccines in record time, which will likely save millions.


From MRC:

In Pennsylvania, 15% of Biden voters said they would have defected. Using the reported vote totals as of noon on November 19, this would have reduced his total by 518,204 votes, flipping the state to Trump. In Michigan, the percentage who would have left Biden was 14%, deducting 392,966 from his tally and flipping that state, too.

In Georgia, 15% of Biden’s voters say they would have defected based on full information, taking 370,838 votes out of his column, and putting Trump comfortably ahead. In Arizona, 21% say they would have changed their vote, deducting 351,150 from Biden’s column and putting Trump in front there, too.

In Wisconsin, Biden would have lost 13% of his voters, taking away 211,987 from his column. In Nevada, the percentage of those who would have left Biden was 18%, or 126,627 voters. Such a shift would have put both of those states in Trump’s column, too.

As MRC concluded, it wouldn’t have been close, had the media been honest, with 17% flipping and moving all the swing states into Trump’s column, leaving Trump with 311.


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