Karma Comes for BLM/Antifa Folks Who Attacked and Harassed Trump Supporters in D.C.


Sometimes, the wheel of karma does come around.

The radical leftists who attacked Trump supporters thinking they could get away with going after the elderly or terrorizing families with little kids found out that there just might be consequences after all.

Looks like some of the folks who allegedly attacked Trump supporters after the Million MAGA March found themselves busted by the long arm of the law.

You may have seen this incident, where a man was sucker-punched from behind and knocked out cold. A woman kicked him as he lay prone and defenseless on the ground, then another woman stole his phone as she and her companion laughed and ran away.

Police have arrested the guy who allegedly slugged the Trump supporter. Turns out that Kenneth Deberry, who was holding a “Refuse Fascism” sign, is not only a BLM guy, he’s also a registered sex offender. According to police records, there was a child sex abuse charge. Sounds like a lovely guy.

Other folks involved were also seen harassing and/or attacking other people in other incidents, as well.

But Jorge Ventura and Kalen Scriberr turned over the video footage they had of the assaults and this was the result. These characters were taken into custody, including the woman who took the phone.

Four were arrested on the site in relation to that assault.

From Post Millennial:

Bobby Smalls, 29, of DC, was arrested for disorderly conduct through inciting violence and carrying a dangerous weapon. He was armed with a knife.

Dashawna Gause, 28, of DC, was arrested for disorderly conduct through inciting violence and possession of a prohibited weapon. She had a taser.

Alexus Doris Owens, 24, unknown address, was arrested for simple assault and was arrested for disorderly conduct through inciting violence.

20 were arrested in relation to the entire event.

Police were still looking for three others who were involved in the assault including the woman who kicked the man while he was on the ground. She also was seen attacking other people.

Then there was this video of a BLM/Antifa woman who was allegedly threatening people, waving around a knife. But that didn’t end well when someone dropped her and another man grabbed the knife, turning it and her over to the police.

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