CNN's Christiane Amanpour Goes Over the Edge in a Vile Attack on Trump; Trump, Jr And Others Level Her

Dave Allocca

CNN has at this point become a joke, a hollow shell of the news organization that they used to be.

Remember when they used to be relatively objective? It’s hard frankly to remember that. Because for years now their alleged ‘objective’ news hosts have been spewing out venom against the GOP and for the past four years against President Donald Trump. The federal election commission really should declare that they have to give the GOP equal time because of their constant pimping on the part of the Democrats.


But it’s not just their pimping for the Democrats, it’s their complete distortion of reality that is both offensive and harmful to the body politic.

For years they pushed the Russia hoax and then when it was disproven, even shown that it was the Democrats and Hillary Clinton who paid for disinformation through the Steele dossier to be spread to undermine Trump and his subsequent presidency, there was no apology or any attention paid to the Democrats’ wrongful actions.

CNN continued to push that it was Trump who was “breaking norms” while not reporting how the Democrats broke the biggest norm of them all, that is handing over the peaceful transition of power, moving us toward banana republic status and changing the way things were done. The media failed to call it out as they should have, failing in their only duty to the public.

But never doubt that CNN can get worse. Because they just did.

So let’s listen to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour talk about the anniversary of Kristallnacht, of course with a specific purpose in mind, to make a comparison between the Nazis’ assault on the values of “fact, knowledge, history and truth” to the Trump administration, noting also that Biden pledges a “return to norms.”


First of all, this is extremely offensive to compare her political upset with Trump to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews. During Kristallnacht, almost 100 Jews were killed, thousands of businesses were destroyed and over 30,000 Jews were locked up by the Nazis. They then went on to commit mass genocide.

People let Amanpour have it for base comparison. Basic rule of thumb: no, your cheap leftist political agenda is never comparable to the genocide of six million Jews.


But then who is it who has truly warped the truth? When you’re comparing Trump to Nazis, pro tip? It’s you who are actually twisting “fact, knowledge, history and truth.”

Unlike Amanpour, I would never compare anything to the Nazi genocide. I would note that it’s the Democrats who are now talking about making lists to go after political enemies. It’s the Democrats who are talking about drumming Trump supporters out of polite society and depriving them of their jobs. It’s the Democrats who have demonized Trump and his supporters as racists, deplorable and chumps for four years. It’s her media brethren who are trying to shut down free speech that they don’t like, for example, that might hold their choice, Joe Biden, in a bad light, like what they did to the New York Post over the pay for play scandal allegations involving Biden and his son, Hunter.


So maybe Amanpour should take a good hard look at herself. I know she wouldn’t. But she should.


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