Instagram Slaps a Disgraceful Label on President Donald Trump's Posts About Veterans, Marines

As we came down to the final weeks of the campaign, we began to see the media putting an ever tightening lockdown not on the virus but on the distribution of information. If they didn’t like it (translation: if it didn’t help Joe Biden), then information was likely to get flagged, people were likely to get suspended or have their accounts locked or the url of a big story like the Biden influence peddling allegations were suppressed as ‘hacked material’ or being ‘unsubstantiated.’


This despite the very same media spreading nonsense for four years about the Russia collusion hoax and a variety of other false or unverifiable stories about President Donald Trump. This despite not slapping any labels on the frequent lies told by Joe Biden.

Now with media going all in on declaring Biden the winner, despite the count still going on, legal challenges happening and nothing being certified, they’re definitely speeding up the flagging of people’s posts, identifying a lot of things that raise a question about the election as “disputed” information.

But they’ve really gone over the edge with what they are doing to President Donald Trump on Instagram. Yesterday was Veterans Day, so the president was naturally at events commemorating veterans. Trump also recognized the 245th birthday of the Marines. So he posted on Instagram about both events.

What did Instagram do? They appended a tag to each of his posts: “Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 election. (Sources: Reuters/NEP/Edison, others).”

I’m with Julie Ponzi on this. These people are clowns. How is anything he’s saying or doing in the posts contra-factual? He is the president, not Joe Biden. Yet, they act as though he was no longer the president or that his very normal actions as president are somehow incorrect. Whatever the ultimate result of this election, Trump is still the president now.


This is getting way out of hand.

This isn’t what media is supposed to be, with media enforcing an orthodoxy that you will believe in or be flagged. Especially, as here, when it simply doesn’t match with reality. Maybe in “1984” but not in the United States of America.

But if you voted for Joe Biden, whether you got it or not, this is what you are voting for, this is what is now here. Not only that, but expect it to get worse. And if they don’t hesitate in treating the president in this disgraceful way, what do you think they believe they can do to you?

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