Lincoln Project Encourages Harassment of Trump's Lawyers and the GSA Head to Force Her to Recognize Biden

Joe Biden is pitching words about unity while at the same time, Democratic operatives are preaching retribution and going after Trump supporters and ‘enablers.’


As I already reported, Democratic operatives have been making up “lists” of people to go after, calling for them to be denied jobs and locked out of “polite society.”

Now the Lincoln Project and others on the left have added more targets. They are encouraging the social media horde to go after Emily Murphy, the head of the General Services Administration. They put out her phone number with the obvious intent of people harassing her to recognize Biden as president-elect.

But she is not recognizing Joe Biden as the president-elect because there has been no certification of the election, the counting goes on and the legal challenges continue. So she’s completely in the Constitutional right, but that’s infuriated these people that they just can’t order reality the way they want it.

By the way, where is Twitter acting against such doxxing? Isn’t that against the terms of service of Twitter?

Not only does the Lincoln Project want to try to force the GSA’s hand, but they also want to deny President Trump any legal counsel in dealing with the election questions.


The Lincoln Project also encouraged people to harass Jones Day, mistakenly claiming they were representing the president and asked people to bother their other clients as well.

They also went after another law firm they alleged was working for Trump, Porter Wright.

I guess Democrats are allowed to undermine the duly-elected president and question his legitimacy for four years. But Trump isn’t allowed to question improprieties alleged in sworn affidavits for a few days, according to these clowns. Apparently “count every vote” only applies when it’s Democrats who may gain from the process, not Republicans. The hypocrisy is stunning.

How dare they claim the name of Lincoln when they dare to try to interfere with the president’s right to legal counsel? Nothing would be more shameful in the eyes of the Lincoln the lawyer.


They are literally trying to harass people to get their way and set the social media leftist hordes on them. Why are they so against transparency?

But Democrats and Never Trumpers forget. They’re not in power. 71 million and counting voted against giving them more power. The presidential election is not over and Republicans gained more seats in the House and they hold the Senate. So if Democrats and Never Trumpers think they have some sort of a mandate to go after people, not only are they mistaken, but they are the fascists of whom they have complained.



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