Biden Declares His 'Office of the President-Elect' Open, But Has to Bump Up Against Hard Reality

The media has declared that Joe Biden is the winner despite the fact that the count continues and the legal challenges are still going on. On top of that, they want everyone else to simply fall in line behind them and noting that the election isn’t actually over yet is considered counter the facts.


Twitter is flagging so many posts it’s hard to keep up, declaring them “disputed’ information. But it isn’t disputed. We don’t decide the president-elect by media acclamation. That’s fact. It’s Biden and the media who are on the wrong side of this issue and strangely enough, people like the president of Mexico who says he will wait until the election is certified who is on the right side.

Media and Joe Biden in fact gave Al Gore 37 days to work out the legal questions. Joe Biden himself declared it wasn’t over until the ‘fat lady sings’ then (obviously body shaming and misogynistic there). So why doesn’t he want every legal vote counted now? Why doesn’t he want transparency? Why is he illegitimately claiming a win before the final total?

But Biden, who managed to get this far without putting out any real plans or answering any difficult questions from the media, is continuing apace.

He gave a “Covid 19 briefing” but he has no authority to do anything.

Is media going to push him to actually answer anything? Of course not.

Watch as he doesn’t answer anything here and just looks completely befuddled, like he’s in another world.


Notice something else too?

The backer behind him, proclaiming “Office of the President-Elect.” He isn’t the president-elect and there is no such “office.” Imagine for the moment what the media would have done if Trump were in Biden’s position and had done that? They would be screaming to high heaven that Trump had declared victory too early, before certification and legal challenges had run their course. We all know that’s true.

His new president-elect website promises to undo a lot of the good work done by President Trump including getting us back in the Paris Accords and reversing the decision to withdraw from the WHO (you know, the guys who basically lied on behalf of China while the CCP spread the virus to us). Good job taking the side of China already. Who could have predicted that?

But for now, the General Services Administration, the folks who would have to recognize the president-elect and begin the process of transition are not recognizing Biden. So he can pretend all he wants. But it’s not happening yet.


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