Man Shot to Death During Biden Celebration in the CHAZ in Seattle

The media was anxious to announce Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential race, even though votes are still being counted and legal challenges are underway.


The announcement led to some on the left celebrating.

But it didn’t end well in Seattle, where the celebration was in the same area as the CHAZ, the area that had been the out-of-control autonomous zone set up by the BLM.

MarQuies Demone Patterson, 31, was shot as he was leaving the celebration at Cal Anderson Park at 10th and Pike Street early Sunday morning.


From Capitol Hill Seattle Blog:

Shortly after 1:00 AM, Seattle Police responded to reports of a shooting at that location. Upon arrival, officers located the male victim and began life-saving measures until the Seattle Fire Department took over primary care. The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center but later succumbed to his injuries.

According to The Seattle Times who spoke to Patterson’s mother, Que Vassar, she said he had just met with friends at the celebration and they were leaving when they said he was shot. Why is not clear yet. There is no indication that the shooting was politically motivated. BLM folks were pretty silent as to the circumstances which suggests to me that it was someone on the left or in the celebration.

Police are investigating but do not have a suspect in custody as of yet. A handgun was reportedly found and turned into the police by a witness.

But it’s pretty sad that even in a ‘celebration’ on the left someone gets shot and killed.

When the BLM occupied the area of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, four people were shot and two teens were killed. One of the shootings allegedly involved the BLM ‘security team’ that shot into a car, killing one.

BLM wasn’t happy that folks were dancing on the BLM mural during the Biden celebration and that liberals came out for a party when they wouldn’t come out for protests.


One person complained about them taking Biden signs and creating discord at the celebration.

BLM called for a candlelight vigil to remember Patterson. It’s not clear that Patterson had any relation to them.


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