Here's the Good News From Last Night and Why Dems Are Gnashing Their Teeth Today

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Well, here we are today stuck in limbo over who will be declared the winner of the presidential race.

What’s very clear is that the massive mail-in ballot has opened up the possibilities of all kinds of issues and problems that complicate a race that we could previously know the winner of on the night of the election. What’s also problematic is that then you have these Democratically-controlled states that can play games as to what could be allowed to count, such as ballots coming in days afterward when you know how many votes you might have to make up. That really needs to stop. There isn’t any reason why, even if you have mail-in, that all of it can’t be in by Election Day, so you don’t have these games. Make Election Day the cut off to prevent this.


But that said, while we still wait with bated breath for the remaining states to come in the presidential race, we should take stock of some of the good news from last night because there was good news, in addition to the nail biter news.

First and perhaps foremost, the Democrats appear to have failed in their attempt to take over the Senate, despite pouring in millions of dollars to do so and targeting ‘vulnerable’ seats and leaders like Mitch McConnell who they wanted to take out. They definitely failed in that attempt, with McConnell winning and the GOP appearing to hold. While there are multiple races out there still to be called, it appears unlikely that the Democrats would be able to get the four they would need to flip the Senate. Republican Sen. Susan Collins just won her race in Maine. Thom Tillis (NC) is leading and John James (MI) is close in his race. That would mean, despite all the effort, they may only have picked up one seat, but there is a run-off race in Georgia that won’t be decided until January. The other Georgia race has not yet been called but the Republican, David Perdue, is leading and is likely to win with enough to avoid a runoff. In any event, they’re not picking up four.

In the House, while Dems appear to have held, they lost seats, and people are blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca).


The voters basically made them suffer for their hubris and getting out over their skis with their threats against the norms of this country, including their attacks on such things as the Supreme Court. Democrats thought they could throw huge money at the elections and it would make a difference. They thought they were going to win everything and pack the courts, getting complete control over the country. But Americans stopped that. It proved once again that Americans reject the radical approach that Democrats have espoused. Now Nancy Pelosi has to eat crow over that.

Even if Biden were ultimately to win, Republicans would be able to check the Democrats on their ambitions for control and could be a stop-gap for any move further to the left. Obviously, that would be far better if Trump won, but we’ll have to see how that works out yet.

But what should also be clear after all this chaos, we need to toss out the ridiculous pollsters who claimed that Biden was going to walk away with the race because whatever happens, that was always nonsense. Add to that how the media pushed that and was constantly stumping for Biden. They can’t get enough chastisement for all they did.


If Trump ultimately pulls it out, even with all the efforts to undermine him, that will be one of the greatest political feats we may ever have seen. But it’s already true that Democrats have failed, big time, in their efforts to remake America.


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