Biden Had 'One More Thing' to Say at His Last Rally, but What Happened Says It All

If it is possible, President Donald Trump has seemed to gain energy at the end of the campaign.

In the last two or three weeks, he’s been reinvigorated by campaigning, even dancing at events. He’s been full of energy and he’s seemed especially happy, his smile has been very much in evidence. He acts like a man who believes he will win.


Joe Biden on the other hand? Not so much.

Joe Biden showed up for his final campaign rally with Lady Gaga last night in Pittsburgh.

It was classic Biden, rambling on and on, not making a lot of sense, but spouting out platitudes. Biden appeared beyond tired, trying to desperately pull it over the line in the last day. At the end of his speech, he walked off to one side of the stage and began waving to someone off stage and off camera, his wife tried to pull him back to where they were supposed to leave from, on the other side of the stage.

As he went back across the stage, he stopped to put on his mask at the podium. He then apparently had a thought he wanted to say to the audience. So he ripped the mask back off and said, “By the way, one last thing.” But as he did that, the music started playing as it does at awards shows to tell the people to stop speaking and get off the stage. Biden decides to not even try and just packs it in.

Could there be a more symbolic ending for his campaign? You couldn’t script that better. When even the candidate hangs it up and says I’ve got nothing, you know it’s bad. Time for Joe Biden to get off the stage. And yes, the video’s real, you can see it here on the NBC Youtube of the event if you’re inclined to watch the rambling speech. Notice his wife basically leading and controlling him throughout the event. Guess who would be in charge if Biden were to win? Jill ‘I am Edith Wilson’ Biden. We shall see. But cross your fingers this is the final retirement speech of Biden.


But at this point, the talking is over. This is it. We’ve either successfully fought for the freedom of our people or we are moving toward some darker times. Either way, it’s likely to get very “spicy” in the coming days, with the left having a huge meltdown if, after all this, they lose yet again. Hold on to your hats, it’s about to get a little bumpy.

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