Kamala Harris Pushes a Campaign Ad That Sounds a Lot Like a Call for Communism, It Doesn't End Well

Kamala Harris Pushes a Campaign Ad That Sounds a Lot Like a Call for Communism, It Doesn't End Well
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Kamala Harris posted this Biden/Harris ad to her Twitter account which is a very disturbing warning as to what a Harris/Biden administration might look like. Yes, I said Harris/Biden deliberately.

Democrats might think they are getting Joe Biden who they perceive as a moderate if they vote for him. But we’ve seen already how much he’s been pushed to the left by his party. His running mate was the most liberal member of the Senate. That’s even from among some pretty liberal Democrats.

Here’s what Harris tweeted, under the auspices of the Biden/Harris campaign team.

Oh my, where to even begin with this.

This is literal communism, right before our eyes. Plus ignorance. Not to mention racism, all in one package, tied up in a sparkly bow.

What the heck is she even talking about the difference between equality and equity?

She bemoans that not everyone starts from the same place and that “giving” people the same amount wouldn’t guarantee the same result. The implication being that we have to “give” some people more to guarantee that they have the same equality of result.


First let’s start with the fact that it isn’t the government’s job to “give” Americans anything nor to ensure ‘equality of result.’ This literally paints everyone as being on the government dole and being ‘given’ the same amount.

But how racist, the black character is depicted as being somehow more deficient than the white character in the cartoon. So the ad suggests we must give the black person more help to reach the same place.

While Biden/Harris depicts it through the lens of race, people are all different in general: some are richer, some are poorer, some are smarter, some are less so. You can’t guarantee an ‘equal starting place’ anymore than you can guarantee ‘equality of result.’

This ad fails to even understand what we are as America and why we are special.

We are a free people, anyone can achieve anything, everyone starts at the same place under the law. That’s why people from all over the world fled here from places that pushed Communism like that. We do not guarantee equality of result, only Communism does that, making everyone but the leaders in control equally poor and oppressed by the State.

Plus the ad is lacking in any reality. Even if you “gave” people the same amount (it is not the role of gov’t to “give” to people) and the people “started at the same place,” because everyone is intrinsically different, they would have different abilities and they would consume at different levels, so they would at any given point, not end up with the same result or have the same. It’s literally insane to think that should even be a goal as it’s not possible to achieve, even with the complete control over people and their assets that they seem to be suggesting here.

It’s scary that any American leader, particularly someone running for president, would put out such an ad. So why did the Biden/Harris people put this out? Why didn’t Joe see it for what it is? Why didn’t he stop it from going out? This ad leaves us with the same questions we would be asking in the future if they won the election. Did Biden approve of what Kamala is doing or putting out when she pushes radical leftist stuff like this? This is a foreshadowing of how Joe would be pushed to the radical left, whatever his true beliefs are at this point.

People let them have it on Twitter. Hopefully Americans see this and know what awaits them if they vote for Biden/Harris.

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