Twitter Finally Frees the NY Post, But Does So In a Typically Weaselly Way

Twitter finally caved and freed the New York Post from its account suspension because they dared write the explosive story about the Hunter Biden laptop, kicking off the influence peddling scandal.


The NY Post has been without their account since then, October 14.

Twitter claimed that they did it under their hacking material policy. Of course there was nothing to suggest that the material was in fact hacked. And they said they only way that the NY Post, one of the oldest papers still in operation, could get their account back was by deleting the tweets about their blockbuster story. But the NY Post stood firm and refused.

So what did Twitter say? Did they apologize for shutting down journalism and suppressing major information on Joe Biden?

Here’s what they said.


Notice something missing? Any apology for trying to influence the election and shut down information on Joe Biden.

Updating their hacking policy? To what? Not included something in a hacking policy that didn’t involve to begin with? But notice how they don’t even admit that, with typically weaselly words.

But despite their weaselly approach, it was folks coming out in force to denounce their actions that forced a change, including members of Congress, like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) who grilled Jack Dorsey. Cruz later accused Dorsey of lying before about having unblocked the url, noting that if he did so that would be a felony.

Lo and behold, suddenly url is unblocked and the account is freed.


But let’s not mistake that without the pressure that this would have occurred and it’s pretty darn shameful that they did this and so many in media and on the left gave their action cover. Even now, some are mad that they are lifting the boot of suppression to allow a little real news in.

The Op-Ed Editor of the NY Post:


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