Paging Voters! Trump Admin Just Recorded the Largest GDP Growth in History, a Massive Number

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While the media has been proclaiming Joe Biden ahead in the polls, other real measures have been indicating trouble for him and good news for President Donald Trump.


We’ve seen positive early voting counts, measures of enthusiasm and “are you better off than you were four years ago” all going Trump’s way.

Every election, while there may be other issues going on, it pretty much comes down to the economy.

Today, there was an incredibly significant measure on the economy to drop that’s likely to loom large in people’s minds as they head into the voting booths.

An amazing and massive 33.1 GDP number for the third quarter that just excited the heck out of Fox’s numbers guy, Charles Payne, because it was the highest gain in history, even with soul- and business-crushing lockdowns from the pandemic.

Naturally, the Trump campaign was celebrating and saying you don’t want to stop such movement by voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.


From Townhall:

“This record economic growth is absolute validation of President Trump’s policies which create jobs and opportunities for Americans in every corner of the country. The President built the world’s best economy once and he’s rapidly doing it again, proving that cutting taxes and reducing regulations and red tape clear the way for American ingenuity and our entrepreneurial spirit to thrive. We have regained more than half of the jobs lost to the global pandemic in less than six months, while it took more than two years to regain half of job losses from a recession while Joe Biden was in charge,” Trump 2020 Communications Director Tim Murtaugh released in a statement. “President Trump will continue to safely reopen the country, while Biden is the candidate of lockdowns, inviting another economic shutdown which would devastate working people and cause even more health problems above and beyond what the coronavirus has caused.”


Murtaugh tagged Biden with 50 years of bad trade deals and doing nothing to curb China, to the detriment of American workers. He also scolded his plans for a $4 trillion tax increase as well as the Green New Deal regulations that would harm business and the economy, and kill the recovery. “For voters, the choice is simple: It’s a Trump boom versus a Biden depression,” he exclaimed.

Steve Cortes explained further.

Trump once again delivers. How could anyone vote for the malaise, the killing regulations and taxes that Biden would bring to the country?


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