Frank Luntz's Interesting Response to Revelation of Email Exchange He Allegedly Had With Hunter Biden

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We’ve been reporting on how many in the liberal media are either running as far as they can from covering the Biden scandal or doing their best to spin it with false cover, such as calling it “Russian disinformation” or claiming that it “can’t be verified,” as Lesley Stahl did during her interview with President Donald Trump.


The reason is simple. Many are just pro-Democrats and have too much time invested over the years getting close to Democrats. They’re supposed to be objective but they’re just not.

So that brings us to the Frank Luntz email.

There’s more than enough evidence that the email from the Hunter Biden laptop are real. But here’s just a little more with all it also about that “objectivity.”

The email exchange from October 31, 2012 starts with Hunter Biden complaining to pollster Frank Luntz that he didn’t bring up “the Jeep ad” which he, Hunter, thought was a “fabrication” against Obama/Biden during the campaign. Hunter tells Luntz he and his brother Beau love him.

Luntz’s response? Sounds incredibly petty and small. Because your father hasn’t said a word to me, Luntz whines. “Fair weather friends get fair weather treatment” making it clear that he did it because he felt that they had treated him poorly. Then he says how he declared Biden the winner of his debate with Paul Ryan even though Ryan was a “client.”


So did he identify that Ryan was a “client” at the time? Did Ryan know of the relationship to the Bidens?

But the way he responds makes it seem his behavior/official actions was influenced by how the Bidens treated him, rather than an objective assessment, that he was craving being treated as the “friend” he thought he was. It’s actually a pretty embarrassing email.

But Luntz’s response when asked about the email says it all.

“I’m not sure what the bombshell is here,” Luntz said. “I’ve known the Bidens since I taught Beau at UPenn in the early 90s. I’ve also dined in the Oval Office and ridden on Air Force 1 with President Trump. I’ve mentioned both of these things before.”

So he’s basically confirming the email there, he’s not denying it. He sees nothing wrong with it, he doesn’t even understand why it’s an issue. That’s pretty sad.


But. more than that, it once again confirms the laptop emails.

Paging Lesley Stahl and NPR, here’s some more verification for you.

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