Dems Throw a Tantrum at Committee Vote on Barrett, Get Roasted by Mike Lee, ACB Wins the Day

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool

Democrats have tried what they can to slander Judge Amy Coney Barrett. But they knew they were in big trouble because all their usual slander against male candidates they couldn’t use against her.


They tried to slander her about being extreme in her religious belief or being against the ACA but that didn’t go over well when Americans looked at her and she didn’t fit the picture they were trying to sell them.

But that didn’t stop them from one final tantrum this morning as the Judiciary Committee held a vote to approve Barrett’s nomination and forward it for a full floor vote.

The ten Democrats on the Committee all boycotted the vote. That was juvenile enough. But on top of that, they put big pictures of the people who Democrats claimed might lose their Obamacare coverage if Barrett were nominated in their seats instead.


The whole argument was just dumb, because even if Barrett wanted to eliminate the ACA, she’s only one judge and she couldn’t just do away with it, that’s not the way the Court works. They were just scrambling to level illegitimate attacks against her to justify their actions.

But the tantrum failed, Barrett was advanced to the floor with a 12-0 unanimous vote.

The response to the Democrats by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) was golden and one for the history books. He ripped the Democrats for their whole history of politicizing the Court since their attacks of Robert Bork in the 1980s, through Clarence Thomas, Miguel Estrada, Brett Kavanaugh, and now to Barrett. He then said their real problem with Barrett is that she isn’t one who will be political but will be faithful to the Constitution.


The final vote now will be Monday to confirm Barrett. Expect more nonsense from Democrats but at this point, they don’t have any arrows left in their quiver.

From The Hill:

Because Republicans hold 53 Senate seats, Barrett could lose three GOP senators and still be confirmed by letting Vice President Pence break a tie. If Pence is needed, it would be the first time a vice president has had to weigh in on a Senate Supreme Court confirmation vote.

Only Republican Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) has said she will oppose Barrett because she does not believe a nominee should be considered before the election. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has said she does not believe a nominee should be taken up, but hasn’t said how she will vote on Barrett’s nomination.

Murkowksi is expected to meet with Barrett this week.


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