Protesters March on Homes Of Council Members in Seattle to Make Them Agree to Defund Police by 50%

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Seattle protest

The whole effort that we’re seeing with the radical leftist movement trying to sow chaos across the country is an attempt to intimidate people into doing what they want.


As we reported last night, according to Tucker Carlson, the New York Times was planning on doxing where he lived which would most definitely put him in danger. It seems since he called them on it, they are now claiming that they are not currently planning to do that (although they say they can say nothing about their future plans). But his opinion was the aim was to cow him into changing his positions.

In Seattle, it’s become a very direct effort to intimidate the elected officials by protesting them in their homes.

The radical leftists went to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s house. Socialist council member Kshama Sawant joined that march. That backfired on them because then Durkan decided enough was enough and shut down the autonomous zone. Durkan has previously worked as a U.S. Attorney and her home was not public knowledge because of threats against her life. Sawant, as a council member, knew where she lived. Durkan demanded an investigation of Sawant after the incident.

Now others have gone to the homes of council members who hadn’t yet committed to defunding the police by 50% into doing so. It’s pretty ridiculous since they don’t even need the votes, they have seven of the nine council members already, reportedly, to pass the effort. But apparently no one is allowed to resist and fail to comply.

People went to the homes of two of the council members who hadn’t yet committed to the effort, Alex Pedersen and Debora Juarez.


It’s incredibly violative of a person’s privacy to go to their home and protest them there.

Thursday night, according to Kiro 7, they “took over Pedersen’s neighborhood.”

You can see video from the local news on the incident here.

They then went to Juarez’s home, demanding that she answer them. Pro tip? That’s what a council meeting is for, if you have legitimate questions and just aren’t trying to pressure them in their home.

So it sounds like the action might have had some success with Juarez.

On Sunday, radical leftists and Antifa rioted, attacking and looting stores, according to the local news, from “mostly peaceful protesters,”

Imagine when they further eviscerate the police with a 50% cut. Sounds like a good time to flee Seattle.


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