Alleged Antifa Militants Gang up on Woman, Try to Grab American Flag Away From Her, but She Doesn't Let It Go

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A small memorial to Portland, Oregon fatal shooting victim Aaron J. Danielson, 39, of Portland is shown on Monday, Aug. 31, 2020, at the site where he was killed on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020, as supporters of President Donald Trump and Black Lives Matter protesters clashed. Danielson was a supporter of the right-wing Patriot Prayer group but few details have emerged about what led up to the shooting. No suspects have been arrested. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)


On Sunday, friends of Aaron Jay Danielson met in Portland at the site where he was shot to remember him.

Danielson was allegedly shot and killed by Michael Reinoehl, a man who called himself “100% Antifa.”

But the gathering at the location wasn’t completely a peaceful remembrance.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, Antifa folks showed up to the event and began causing trouble. He posted a video of how the Antifa ganged up on a conservative woman of color and tried to grab an American flag away from her. But she wasn’t letting it go to them, holding onto it fiercely.

One of the attackers grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground. But she still wasn’t giving up the flag. Another leftist woman stood in the way of a man who looked like he was coming to help the woman with the flag.

But the woman was able to hold her own and get away, still holding onto the flag.

Good for her! She wouldn’t let them get it from her and abuse it. Antifa meets their match.

It’s long past time that Portland does something about the violence Antifa is perpetrating. But the local government doesn’t care and has done nothing really to stop them. The national Democrats like Joe Biden just term them an “idea” as though they don’t even exist.


But the feds who have had to deal with them and who have been investigating them have made it clear they are far more than an idea, but indeed are both organized and a threat.

From Daily Wire:

In mid-September, a leaked email from a former top official at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stated that DHS had “overwhelming intelligence” that violence in Portland had been “organized” by individuals with an ideology categorized as “Violent Antifa Anarchist Inspired” (VAAI).

The Daily Wire wrote:

CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge tweeted out a letter written by Brian Murphy, former Acting Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis at DHS, which stated, “We have overwhelming intelligence regarding the ideologies driving individuals towards violence and why the violence has continued. A core set of threat actors are organized, show up night after night, share common TTPs [tactics, techniques and procedures] and drawing on like minded individuals to their cause.”


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