Vanity Fair 'Reporter' Completely Loses His Mind Over Trump and His Video From the Hospital

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President Donald Trump gestures while speaking during the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)


There’s no question that social media seems to bring out the crazy in some people and that Twitter is an acid bath full of that crazy.

But the complete and utter lunacy of folks on the left and in media is really something else, with their nuttiness over the president being sick with the Wuhan coronavirus.

Some refuse to accept the doctor’s report. They refuse to accept that Trump was actually tweeting himself. Some refuse to believe, even, that that was him in the video from the hospital, even speculated that that was pre-recorded — even though it makes no sense and had to have been made today.

It’s like a festival of loons, and one hopes that they don’t vote, because they have no grasp of reality.

But even with all that lunacy, Vanity Fair “reporter” Gabriel Sherman may still win the prize.

Now, keep in mind that the doctors already briefed us on Trump’s condition today. He had no more fever, was feeling much better, reduced cough. Everything looked good, but naturally, they have to monitor him.

But this is what Sherman put out from “sources.”


OMG, fever! Heart palpitations! Things spiraling out of control! Allies panicking! Some think Trump might appoint Ivanka president!

It’s complete insanity and has no relation to reality, or the actual facts we heard from the doctors. This is not a serious person. Yet, this pretends to be news when it’s complete fiction. Stuff like this can endanger the country, if allies or enemies actually believed it.

But not only does he spread nonsense from “sources,” he apparently thinks he can diagnose Trump as well.

The video, of course, shows no such thing, as you can see.

Trump sounds perfectly fine, no difficulty breathing. At worst, he appears a little tired. “Labored breathing,” “So much fear in his eyes?” This is projection; it’s what he wants to see, not reality. In fact, Trump seems completely at ease and even makes a couple of jokey comments.


Imagine someone so sick and twisted as to tweet this stuff.

Even with the Wuhan coronavirus, Trump is still far more coherent than Joe Biden.

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