Trump Is So Trump: Still Working From the Hospital, Had a Special Surprise for Supporters Outside

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Donald Trump Walter Reed

President Donald Trump is at Walter Reed Medical Center being treated for the Wuhan coronavirus.

But Trump being Trump, that isn’t slowing him down, at least not too much.


While media was stoking conspiracies about him and imagining him on death’s door, he was making phone calls to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) about work, dealing with the virus related stimulus aid package they’re still trying to get the Democrats to agree to, as well as talking about the confirmation process for Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

As my colleague Becca Lower reported, the president also made a video to reassure Americans he was doing well.

Obviously Americans were concerned about him. Some actually went to Walter Reed Friday night and stood outside with signs of support for the president, hoping he might see that they were there.

Trump found out that they were there and directed his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to come over and give them some presidential candy that included chocolate kisses and what looks like M&M’s.


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham read a statement from Meadows on-air during her show Friday night.

“This is the kind of president we have,” Meadows said. “He’s in the hospital with COVID, sees supporters in front of the hospital live on your show, sends me out to give Trump chocolate kisses to them as a thank you for the love & support they’re sending his way.”

So while the left was imagining the worst, Trump was thinking about the folks standing outside.

There were also a few Biden supporters outside. But when asked what they were doing there, this Biden supporter couldn’t even seem to coherently explain herself, apart from “we don’t care how Trump is feeling.”


There were a a couple of groups of leftists who tried to taunt the Trump supporter saying, “F**k Trump” and “Your leader is going to die.”

Yes, you’re garbage people. Not a good look for Biden supporters. Vile on the inside and the outside.

More Trump supporters were out Saturday, letting the president know they were there and wishing him well, waving flags, with a lot of cars passing by showing their support.

We wish him a speedy recovery!


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