Pure Gold: Jim Acosta Gets a Brutal Fact Check After He Claims Trump 'Finally' Condemned White Supremacists

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FILE – In this Aug. 2, 2018 file photo, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta does a stand up before the daily press briefing at the White House in Washington. Acosta says President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media must stop or there’s a risk someone will get hurt. He is one of the most visible members of the press corps covering Trump and a target for verbal abuse at the president’s rallies. He said Monday that Trump has, “normalized and sanitized nastiness and cruelty” in an unprecedented way. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

As I wrote yesterday, enough of the ridiculous white supremacy question.

President Donald Trump has nothing to do with white supremacy and has repeatedly denounced all facets of it over the years.

Yet, despite that the media keeps acting like he hasn’t or that it’s an issue. It’s just base and it reveals their bias to continually invent such a narrative.

All the more ironic, because he’s done more than Joe Biden has ever done, far more, for people of color. Joe Biden has made continual questionable remarks about race but is never called out on them by liberal media.

So when some media, like CNN’s Jim Acosta heard that the president had denounced white supremacy for what seemed like the billionth time on Sean Hannity’s show, he trumpeted it as though it was the first time the president had ever done so.

Finally, Jim? And he says it with pause, as though to suggest there’s a connection between Hannity and white supremacy. They just can’t stop with narrative, even when debunked over and over.

Here are some of the many times Trump has done so, for Jim and Joe Biden who seem completely oblivious to reality, courtesy of James Woods.


Trump even did it at a debate before in 2016 when he was asked by the very same Chris Wallace and denounced white supremacists and the KKK then too.

How can Acosta pretend to be a “journalist” and Biden ask for a vote for the highest position in the government when they can’t even get this right or prefer to push their bias/lies?

But it gets better than that.

Let’s correct 2020 Jim Acosta with 2017 Jim Acosta.

Pure gold. Such a hack.

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