Oh My: Former CEO of Twitter Tweets About Lining Up and Shooting Capitalists During ‘the Revolution’

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Dick Costolo used to be the CEO of Twitter from 2010 to 2015 when he was replaced by Jack Dorsey. Prior to Twitter, he used to work for Google.

In May, 2011, President Barack Obama appointed Costolo to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. In 2013, TIME named him one of the 10 Most Influential U.S. Tech CEOs and he gave a commencement address to the University of Michigan.


In 2015, he joined the board of directors for Patreon.

In 2015, he allegedly said in an internal memo that Twitter had trouble dealing with abuse and trolls.

Given all that, it makes his comments on Twitter today all the more disturbing.

Let’s first note that he seems to be a pretty darn well-off capitalist so he may want to be careful about what he appears to be advocating because leftists are not known to be respectful when they’re getting crazy. They may not accord him any deference simply because he thinks he qualifies for it.

Secondly, I’ve been suspended for something as minor as calling an Obama official a liar. Others for sometimes even more ridiculous things. So why is this apparent cheering of lining people up against a wall still up? Do we even have to wonder? This may explain a lot about why Twitter is the way it is.

Who in the heck would be ‘happily providing commentary’ for what sounds like a Marxist revolutionary execution? Why would you ever wish that on anyone? And what a horrible society you are celebrating if you think that’s good, particularly as opposed to the freedom and Constitutional liberty that we have in this country. One of the things that has distinguished us from banana republics is we don’t to this to political enemies, to the other side with whom we disagree, we have a “peaceful transition of power.” At least we did until 2016.


Founder of Tech Crunch and one of his friends took issue with it:


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