Surprising Poll After Debate Is Good News for Trump, Trouble for Biden With Critical Voter Bloc

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President Donald Trump gestures while speaking during the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

President Donald Trump definitely came loaded for bear in last night’s debate and it was a barn burner of a debate. Meanwhile, Joe Biden was Joe Biden, trying to stay afloat, lying repeatedly, but not completely crashing.

Here are some of Trump’s greatest hits from the debate and my colleague Joe Cunningham’s analysis about who won.

If Biden didn’t completely collapse, it was a guarantee that media would claim he won just by surviving. To some extent he didn’t completely collapse because Chris Wallace kept inserting himself, so much so that Trump at points seemed to be debating Wallace instead of Biden.

So how did the public see all that?

I don’t think it changed anyone’s mind and truth be told, I’m not sure how many people haven’t made up their mind at this point.

There was no doubt that Trump dominated as Trump tends to do. The only question was how you interpreted that.

Immediate polls after the event? The C-Span poll declared Trump the winner with over 230,000 people voting. That would seem pretty important, albeit not scientific.

CNN, naturally, declared Biden the winner.


But the poll that actually raised a lot of attention was Telemundo. The Spanish speaking station themselves seemed surprised. Trump absolutely crushed Biden in their Twitter poll, 66% to 24%.

Again, as they were quick to say, “not scientific.” But the Hispanic community is a big contingent in critical states like Florida and many are seeing the way the Democrats and Joe Biden have been dealing with the radical left and not liking it one bit. Many people have fled socialist or Communist countries and are very concerned about all this. They know Trump will fight it but they see Biden just caving to the radicals. That’s why Trump has made huge inroads in the Hispanic vote in Florida and this poll just may be more evidence of that thought.

But one has to say that poll isn’t good news for Biden.

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