New Details on Debate Negotiations: What Biden Wants and What He's Refusing Show How Desperate He Is

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In this combination photo, President Donald Trump, left, speaks at a news conference on Aug. 11, 2020, in Washington and Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Wilmington, Del. on Aug. 13, 2020. The conventions, which will be largely virtual because of the coronavirus, will be Aug. 17-20 for the Democrats and Aug. 24-27 for the Republicans. (AP Photo)


How is Joe Biden going to make it through the debate tonight?

Many people have been wondering given the decline that has been evident over the past several months of the campaign.

Fortunately for Biden, it’s only a ninety-minute debate which is not a particularly long time and you would think he might be able to handle even with the decline.

But astonishingly, even given how short it is, Biden’s team is now reportedly fighting for two breaks, one every thirty minutes, to which the Trump team has so far not agreed, according to Fox producer Pat Ward.

Biden needs a break after standing for thirty minutes? Seriously? How could he ever deal with the rigors of being President if he can’t stand for more than thirty minutes?

But there’s more.

The Trump team is asking that both candidates be checked for earpieces before the debate. One would think that simply a normal procedure. But guess who isn’t agreeing to it, at least so far? You got it, Biden.


Why would Biden not agree to what would seem a very simple and normal provision? What is he trying to hide?

As we reported yesterday, Biden has also refused to agree to a drug test prior to the debate after Trump requested one and said he would agree.

If Biden had asked for those provisions and Trump refused, you know media would be all over it and attacking Trump.

So, why isn’t media other than Fox asking why Biden wouldn’t go along with this?

The Trump team should jam Biden’s communications or send some silly incorrect answer to him and Biden would just repeat it as he did when he just read off the instructions on the teleprompter. That would bring down the house and the election would be over.

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