More Details on Biden's Desperate Debate Moves: Turns out It's Even Worse Than First Reported

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden salutes as he arrives for an event with local union members in the backyard of a home in Lancaster, Pa., Monday, Sept. 7, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


As we reported, there’s currently a bit of a tussle underway over various details surrounding the debate.

The Biden team is asking for two breaks in the ninety-minute debate. But according to Fox’s Bret Baier, the Commission in charge of the debates has set it as ninety minutes without a break and the Trump team is refusing any change.

We reported that the Trump team wanted to check to make sure that there weren’t going to be any earpieces or electronic devices involved helping Joe Biden but that Biden was refusing the check. That was problematic enough.

But it turns out it’s even worse than that, according to another report.

According to Ebony Bowden of the New York Post, the Biden team actually agreed to the inspection for earpieces several days ago, but is now backing out of it.

Oh, my. Because that’s not suspicious or anything!?

Why would they agree to a perfectly normal provision and then now start declining? There’s only one conclusion that can be drawn. It’s not a good one for Joe Biden.


Must be a bad day for Biden if they’re trying all this stuff now.

Now the calls are starting to become a storm, people are talking about the fact that Biden needs to take breaks and you can bet that Trump is going to bring it up during the debate, as he should.

If you can’t handle a debate without being able to stand for ninety minutes or answer questions without assistance, how can you seriously say you are able to be President of the United States? This all has just reinforced Biden’s inability, even before the debate and even before he opens his mouth.

The Commission needs to enforce the inspection against earpieces and indeed, make it a simple and continuing rule, if it wasn’t already.



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