Hilarious and Great Moments When Trump Laid Biden Low in the First Debate

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President Donald Trump gestures while speaking during the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Well, it definitely was a barn burner of a debate.

The internet polls are all apparently saying that President Donald Trump won the debate.

From the outset, Trump was definitely on fire to counteract anything Biden said. Trump was energized from beginning to end.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him quicker. In fact, in some cases, it almost felt he was too smart and quick because the one thing I would have said is let Joe talk at points he was fading because then it would be more apparent to Americans who haven’t watched Biden’s decline for months.

But Trump has some great shots with that quickness including one toward the beginning of the debate.

At one point, Joe Biden ridiculously declared “I am the Democratic Party.”

Trump was so quick he came back immediately with, “Not according to Harris you’re not,” a reference to Kamala Harris calling their potential administration a “Harris administration together with Joe Biden.”

That was hilarious. That may have been one of the best lines of the night.

Trump got in several other shots like that, such as when Biden said he beat Bernie Sanders, to which Trump responded, “Not by much.”


The thought was obviously to destabilize Joe which it certainly did.

Biden again refused to say whether he would be for packing the court. “Whatever position I take, that’ll become the issue.” Huh?

Because if he says he will pack the court, he’ll offend the middle. If he says he wouldn’t, he’ll offend the left. Trump hammered home that he wouldn’t say.

Trump got in a shot at the size of Biden ‘rallies’ too saying they were “much smaller events because no one shows up.”

“Joe has the circles and three people,” referencing Joe’s social distancing circles he sticks people into.


Another great line? “I’ve done more in 47 months than you’ve done in 47 years, Joe,” Trump to Biden

One great point was when Trump pressed Biden to name one endorsement by police that Joe had, just one. Biden stood there unable to say anything, looking totally befuddled to even be asked that question.


Trump also legitimately hammered Biden for the Obama administration’s involvement in not providing him a “peaceful transition,” spying on him and trying to go after him even before he was elected.

But definitely Trump came equipped to fight and Joe had difficulty even hanging in there.


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