Proud Boys Declare Victory: We Achieved Our Goal to Get State to Respond More to Antifa

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Proud Boys members and others chant in front of the Pearl Street courthouse, Saturday, June 3, 2017, in Boulder, Colo. The Proud Boys held a rally Saturday on the Pearl Street Mall. They were met by counter-protesters, including anti-Trump protesters. (Cliff Grassmick/Daily Camera via AP)

As I reported earlier, the Proud Boys are rallying today in Portland.

That prompted the Oregon Democratic Governor, Kate Brown, to declare a State of Emergency enabling the state police to respond and take the lead over the Portland Police. She also approved the use of tear gas which Democrats had been railing against using against BLM/Antifa, showing how political the enforcement of justice is and how hypocritical Brown and the Democrats are.

Mayor Ted Wheeler decried the group.

“On 9/26, alt-right groups and white nationalists are intent on coming into our community. These groups empower racism, intolerance and hate. Those are not Portland values, and they are not welcome. Hate has no home in Portland,” Wheeler tweeted.

Wheeler failed to explain the “hate” he’s been allowing for the past few months from the BLM/Antifa rioters in assaulting, even killing people, setting fires, and causing millions in damage.

The Proud Boys declared victory at the rally.

The Proud Boys explained that’s part of what they said they have been asking the government to do to contain Antifa. They basically cheered the decision.


They definitely showed the hypocrisy of the varying response to them and to BLM/Antifa.

The mainstream media frequently suggests that the Proud Boys are “white nationalists”, yet their ranks have people of all races including black, Hispanic, and Asian members.

We’ll have to see what happens Saturday night. But another good aspect of the response is that the federal agents deputized the Portland Police so that if the officers are attacked, they can charge the attackers with attacking a federal officer. And it wouldn’t be the Proud Boys attacking the cops.


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