Watch: 'Mostly Peaceful Protester' Caught on Video Trying to Kill a Cop With a Bat to the Head

Seattle Police Deparment
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Seattle police

We brought you how Reuters tweeted about the “mostly peaceful” “protesting” in Louisville last night. Well, except for the smashing, the setting fires and the assaults on cops, including shooting two cops.


We also reported on the mostly peaceful Molotov cocktail that a rioter threw into the middle of a line of Portland police.

Now we bring you another story from Seattle about the “mostly peaceful” effort to brain a cop with an aluminum baseball bat.

These aren’t the sweet little ‘protesters’ that the mainstream tries to sell. First, the cop falls and is hit with things by other rioters before one comes up with the bat and whacks him in the head, as others say “Get him! Get him!” This is all right at the edge of Cal Anderson Park and near the East Precinct, where the autonomous zone was.

This is attempted murder and not only didn’t they condemn it, the other BLM/Antifa folks celebrated it. The only problem they found with it was that a video was taken of it and might out the people involved in the attack on the cop.


The person who posted it caved and removed it so it wouldn’t identify the criminals. “Okay folx, given some critical feedback, I have removed all videos that could compromise identification of protestors. I am not interested in promoting the identities of who are involved in the demonstrations. Thanks for everyone who messaged me.”

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