BLM Harasses Diners at Restaurant in Florida, Sharyl Attkisson Has the Perfect Response

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Black Lives Matter activists harass diners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on September 6, 2020. (Screenshot via Twitter)

Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing a law in Florida that will do a lot to hold rioters accountable for their actions.


As we’ve seen, the lack of accountability is the reason that a lot of it has gotten out of hand in places like Seattle and Portland because the offenders are then right back out on the street with no consequences and able to keep doing bad acts.

One of the things that DeSantis covered in his proposed bill is BLM folks harassing diners in restaurants, a tactic that the BLM has frequently employed in multiple cities, including in St. Pete Beach in Florida. DeSantis wants to make sure they can be charged for it.

If you want to lose any support, even from liberals, this is one of the quickest way to do it. Harass people while they’re out eating, finally being able to, after being unable because of the Wuhan coronavirus. Put your crazy on full display and bother ordinary people and every ordinary American can see themselves in the place of these diners.


Among the BLM people, you have one person whose green hair looks like some kind of foreign object landed on his head, another who holds her ‘say her name’ sign upside down and someone badly misusing a shofar, blowing it in the diners faces to annoy them and disturb their meal. They’re all demented. What does bothering these ordinary people have to do with any of their alleged complaints?

But these are the folks the Democrats have promoted and embraced. Every American needs to see this for full understanding of what’s going on here and how they’re just about promoting leftist chaos.


Journalist Sharyl Attkisson had the best response.

Exactly. This is going to make all the more people feel like they’d crawl over broken glass to get out and vote for Trump.

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