Linda Sarsour Throws Gas on the Tinderbox Situation in Louisville

Linda Sarsour Throws Gas on the Tinderbox Situation in Louisville
AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

Things were already crazy enough in Louisville over the Breonna Taylor case.

As we reported, the grand jury came in today with a decision that infuriated the BLM/Antifa folks because it didn’t indict any of the cops involved over the death of Breonna Taylor. Instead they only returned an indictment against one of the cops for three charges of “wanton endangerment” because when he shot, his shots went into another apartment.

That infuriated people.

BLM/Antifa are already out on the streets, prepared with supplies from a U-Haul that was caught on video, that pulled up shortly after the decision.

But as if they didn’t have enough tension and anger already, Linda Sarsour decided to whip up a little more.

I don’t know about what Attorney General Bill Barr might think, but that sure sounds like incitement to me. Naturally, Twitter doesn’t seem bothered by the incitement at all. And Sarsour has been in Louisville, awaiting the decision, so she’s on scene.

You can see her sitting on the ground in this video.

Whether she likes it or not, justice has been served, she just refuses to accept it and wants to provoke.

The National Guard has been deployed so that will help, hopefully they are prepared. There are already a couple of thousand BLM/Antifa out in the street.

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