H.R. McMaster Admits There's a Cabal in the Administration Working Against Trump

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FILE – This Jan. 25, 2018 file photo shows then National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster during a meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. HarperCollins Publishers said, Wednesday, July 11, that McMaster’s upcoming book, “Battlegrounds,” is scheduled for release in 2020. The book will cover his 34-year military career and his year as national security adviser under President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t like words that smack of conspiracy theories.

So I have to admit to having a dislike for the term “deep state” since it seems to have that feel to it.

Yet, that said, it’s been clear since the start of President Donald Trump’s presidency, if not even before his inauguration that there were people within the administration that were working against him, call them what you will. That there were hold-overs or folks embedded in departments working against him rather than trying to support and help him achieve success not just for his administration but for the country. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s simple fact as we have seen it unroll over the last four years.

So with that in mind, listen to what former Trump administration National Security Advisor from 2017-2018, H.R. McMaster, told “60 Minutes.”

Sure sounds like he’s acknowledging an effort against the president, doesn’t it?

He details three groups: those who are there trying to help the president and serve the country, those who are there instead of “providing options to the elected president” they really want to serve their own narrow agendas, and then finally there’s one group “who cast themselves in the role of saving the country and maybe the world from the president.”


The acknowledgement of both the second and third groups of people are troubling since there’s only supposed to be the first group. The fact he thinks the third group is normal/in every administration is also troubling. Those in the second and third group are not supposed to be serving their own ends or replacing their judgment for that of Trump, whether they think they are right or not. If they can’t properly serve, they should resign. Meanwhile the first group needs to root out the other two groups and boot them, to prevent them from doing any more damage.


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