Biden CNN Town Hall: Lies, a Snotty Comment and a Whole Lot of 'What the Heck Did He Say'

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks after participating in a coronavirus vaccine briefing with public health experts, Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Joe Biden did a CNN town hall in Pennsylvania on Thursday night with Anderson Cooper and live questions and Democrats were immediately out praising it because he managed not to trip over the stage.

But Biden being Biden, he managed to tell out and out lies, make a snide comment to a voter which likely solidified her vote for President Donald Trump and otherwise marvelously goof up the opportunity handed to him on a silver platter by CNN.

So here was the moment he made a snide comment to a woman farmer who had voted for Trump in 2016.

“How you feeling now Julie?” he said. Stay classy, Joe. Talk about an awkward moment. Then he didn’t end up even answering her question.

The woman asked a great question about deregulation, which Trump has championed and which has been so helpful for businesses and farmers, among others. She said overregulation had contributed to many farms going out of business and says that the Obama administration made things tougher. Biden immediately gets testy, and interrupts saying, “No, it didn’t.” But she stops him in his tracks with an “Excuse me” and he backs down, realizing he just almost lost it. But then his answer, such as it was, made no sense. He starts talking about chicken manure. I couldn’t even figure out what he was trying to say. Maybe you’ll have better luck but it’s pretty incomprehensible. It sounds like maybe he’s saying they’ll tell you what to plant and increase environmental regulation. That lady isn’t voting for him, her face pretty much says it all.


Then there was this hilarious moment from this Pennsylvania woman.

Made all the more funny by Biden’s claim that he was going to be a “bridge” (like how he just was snotty to the first voter, very bridge-like, right?).

Then there was this moment of complete hypocrisy.

Biden also basically had to take back saying he would have a national mask mandate because someone apparently finally told him he wouldn’t have the power to do that.

Then he tried to play both ends against the middle with fracking, telling the people in Pennsylvania to whom fracking is vitally important that he didn’t intend to ban it “now” but “transition” from it.


Translation: I need to say this because I’m in Pennsylvania and I need their vote.

But he’s told the leftist environmentalist base that he intends to ban it and said it in debate with Bernie Sanders.

He then even said later how the intended to fundamentally change it.

Biden also lied that Trump didn’t mention the Chinese coronavirus in his State of the Union address. Of course, he did.


Biden wrote an article about the virus and then refused to endorse even basic safety concepts like cutting travel from China which saved lives. Trump did that, activated the CDC, formed the virus task force and declared a public health emergency, all in January.

There’s this classic example of Joe “What the heck did he say” Biden on voting.

Um, you don’t have power over the electoral process over states, you have no power over poll workers or when the open ballots. Federalism, remember? Just like with the mask mandate. Doesn’t he know anything?

Finally, Biden couldn’t bring himself to call out China. He refused to call China an opponent.

“I view Kina as a competitor,” he said. Kina? Where is that? Why, after all they have done to us, is he so unable to even call them an opponent? He’s far too close not only through his own connections but those of his son, Hunter.

But if Democrats thought this looked good tonight, I don’t know what they were looking at, because people spent all night trying to figure out what he was saying.



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