You May Want to Sit Down Before Watching What CNBC's Jim Cramer Just Called Nancy Pelosi to Her Face

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, July 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

We’ve been writing about the crazy things that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said and done for a long time.


But I have to admit, I never thought we’d see a mainstream media person actually call her “crazy.”

Here’s CNBC’s Jim Cramer asking her about why they aren’t making a deal with the Republicans to provide further virus aid to the American people. He not only calls her “crazy,” but he does it to her face.

β€œWhat deal can we have, Crazy Nancy?” he says. He immediately tries to slip out of it and explain he was trying to quote the President, “I’m sorry, that was the President, I have such reverence for the office I would never use that term.”

The look on her face! “But you just did. But you just did.” she said, smiling just like a shark does before he bites you in half. You can tell if she has her way, he’s going to get canceled just like the poor little salon owner who dared to fink on her breaking the rules in San Francisco. And liberals are already calling for his head and putting out the CNBC number for people to call to get him fired.


Cramer later further clarified in the show, “You know I was being facetious when I used the term involving you.”

Pelosi acknowledged that she believed him, “Of course, I did.” She told him, “Don’t worry about that. Let that be your biggest problem today.”

But we’ll have to see if the liberals going after him have any success with screaming to CNBC about him.

Meanwhile, #CrazyNancy immediately began trending, then seemed to disappear despite everyone talking about it even more. Apparently, Twitter didn’t seem to like that trending topic, wonder why? Now “Jim Cramer” is trending instead, albeit with the description of what he said as well.


I’m with Harlan Hill on this one. It’s hard not to laugh one’s head off at this one.

But seriously, she’s still holding up a deal for aid to Americans to try to manipulate the election and hamper the economic recovery. She’s done this multiple times now. There are a lot of words worse than “crazy” that would apply to her at this point. So if that’s the worst thing someone actually calls her, it’s hard to get too strained over it, especially given all the horrible things that Democrats and media have called the President. Where was the leftist outrage at media when they were doing that to Trump?


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