Biden Campaign's Latest Moves Look Like Dems Know They're Going to Lose, but Not Concede

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Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about climate change and wildfires affecting western states, Monday, Sept. 14, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

It’s been something to see, watching media pitching this constant idea that President Donald Trump might somehow refuse to leave office if he lost the election.

Here’s CNN spreading the nonsense, yet again.

Now, the only party which has actually said they wouldn’t concede has been the Democrats, with folks like Hillary Clinton urging Joe Biden “don’t concede under any circumstances.”

It’s pretty clear they think they’re going to lose, at least as of election night, that they believe they might only win through a fight and/or that even if they can’t win, they’ll do all they can to throw the country and Trump’s re-election into chaos.

Now there’s more evidence that Democrats are gearing up to do just that.

According to reports, Biden is expanding his legal team, doing just what Clinton was advising him to do, lay in a big legal team to do what he can to fight the results of the vote. Does this sound like someone who thinks he’s ‘ahead in the polls’?


From ABC:

“For months, the Biden for President campaign has been quietly building a massive election protection program–the largest in presidential campaign history,” a Biden campaign adviser said of the new legal expansion. He added that the program involves integrated legal, communications and political strategies to ensure that jurisdictions are properly prepared to handle the challenges that come with holding safe in-person voting and also to combat misinformation about voting via mail.

The Biden campaign also said that the legal team will focus on an “aggressive” response to activity they view as voter suppression and will also include robust programs for identifying and countering foreign interference and misinformation from foreign or domestic sources.

The new operation announced on Monday will be helmed by Dana Remus, the Biden campaign’s general counsel, and Bob Bauer, a former White House Counsel who joined the campaign over the summer and was involved in the vetting process for Biden’s vice presidential selection.

The legal team also includes former solicitors general Donald Verrilli and Walter Dellinger, who will oversee the campaign’s national litigation team. A separate group at the law firm of Perkins Coie will be led by prominent election lawyer Marc Elias and will focus on state-by-state voter access issues and ensuring an accurate vote count.


Ah, Perkins Coie, the same guys who were used as go-betweens in the hiring of Fusion GPS to get foreign information to undermine Trump in the election in 2016.

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will also be involved, leading the communications operation.

But those are just the people in charge. Under them will be hundreds of other lawyers to ensure “voter protection.”

It’s the same old bad actors, hoping that they can grab power back.

Didn’t Hillary Clinton say in 2016 that the failure to accept the results was a “threat to our democracy?” Well, sounds like they’re gearing up not to.

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