Chris Wallace Embarrasses Biden by Exposing His Failed Response to the Virus

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden salutes as he arrives for an event with local union members in the backyard of a home in Lancaster, Pa., Monday, Sept. 7, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Joe Biden has pretended that he had some great understanding of the pandemic in January but can’t explain why he called cutting travel with China “hysterical xenophobia” and said cutting travel with Europe in March wouldn’t stop the virus.

While Trump was acting to stop the virus, Biden was attacking that cutting of travel which Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed, saved countless lives.

In fact, Biden didn’t actually come out in support of cutting travel until April 2. And he held rallies and didn’t do social distancing until almost the middle of March.

Where has the media been to call out Biden for this? Imagine if he had been in charge and waited until April with people pouring in from China and Europe with Biden not thinking it necessary/or it’s racist to cut travel. How exponentially worse it would have been?

So finally today, someone did bag a Biden advisor with the question.

Fox’s Chris Wallace asked Jake Sullivan why did it take Biden until April to say that cutting travel was the right thing when Trump made the right decision in January, saving thousands of lives.


Sullivan said that the virus was already in the United States by the time that Donald Trump imposed the restrictions. That’s true. But it doesn’t explain why Biden would be against cutting off more potentially infected people from coming in and making things worse. Just like with T.J. Ducklo, Biden’s other advisor, they can’t give a straight yes or no answer. Because of course, the truth doesn’t look good for Biden.

Indeed Biden was posting crazy stuff like this, suggesting that cutting travel was “racism.”

At no point did he actually say that they should cut travel until April 2, when his staff, not Biden himself, said he agreed that the restrictions were correct.

So good on Chris Wallace for finally asking the question that should have been asked awhile ago of the Biden team.


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