Assistant Principal Who Made Obscene Rant Against Rochester Police During BLM Action Faces Consequences

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Demonstrators march along a street in Rochester, N.Y., Friday, Sept. 4, 2020, during a protest over the death of Daniel Prude. Prude apparently stopped breathing as police in Rochester were restraining him in March 2020 and died when he was taken off life support a week later. (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)

One of the troubling things that about some of the folks we’ve seen out in BLM actions is that a lot of them have careers in education.

Take Steve Lysenko for example. Please.

He’s an assistant principal and ninth grade teacher at Spencerport High School in a suburban area of Rochester, New York.

He was out in a march in the streets on September 4 when he recorded this lovely missive. This is what’s teaching our kids.

Warning for language.

In the video, Lysenko claims, “We didn’t do anything but chant and sing all the way halfway across the bridge, at which point we met the Rochester Police Department,” he said. “And guess what happened? Our peacekeepers ended up shooting pepper spray at us for singing and chanting and telling them what a s**y a**ed job they were doing. They can f**k right off America! F**k the police. F**k Rochester Police Department.” Then after that tirade, he ended it with a polite, “Thank you!”

While Lysenko claims he “didn’t do anything” and he may not have, other BLM people certainly did that night, as we reported, with people invading and trashing restaurants, and attacking the police with projectiles at the bridge.


Needless to say, Lysenko got some push back from people on the Internet who figured out who he was and complained to his school about his rant.

Initially, the school said that they would be addressing the matter confidentially, as a “personnel matter.” But apparently they got so much push back on it that they ended up making a statement on the matter.

From NY Post:

“Mr. Steven Lysenko is a tenured administrator with due process rights. He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation,” officials said in a statement.

The investigation would be held with the “utmost confidentiality” because he is tenured, the local board of education’s president, Kevin Hutton, said Tuesday.

“While we respect and value individuals’ rights to free speech and due process, we must understand there may be consequences when our conduct disrupts our educational environment and impairs our schools’ operation,” Hutton said.

Hutton said Lysenko’s actions were “divisive” for the community.

Dan Milgate, the superintendent of schools, also thanked the Ogden Police Department for agreeing to patrol the campus as they “navigate this unfamiliar national attention.”

“This situation has doubtlessly been difficult for many of our students and staff. Counselors are always available to support students with any concerns they have,” Milgate said.


The Post said that Lysenko didn’t respond to their requests for comment, but his reaction to it was to change his Facebook profile image to a black power fist.

Will he face any further consequences? That remains to be seen and I’m curious if they are looking into whether he is being political in his teaching or administration. According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Lysenko has been “one of the district’s leaders in advocating for anti-racist curriculum and other actions in the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

But if you’re wondering how we’re ending up with radical students a lot of it can be traced back to college and yes, even high school teachers.


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