Twitter Has New Rules That Will Prevent Trump From 'Prematurely Declaring Victory'

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

We already know that some seem to be setting the stage for the likelihood that on election night, President Donald Trump may win, but Democrats will try to make up the difference with mail-in votes.

Now comes the word that Twitter will “label or remove” posts that “prematurely declare victory” in the election. Something that candidates have always done once the polls closed and once they could see the reasonable projections. Translation: Twitter wants to try to stop Trump or anyone else from declaring him the winner when he will appear to have won.

According to Twitter, they now will label or remove posts that declare victory “before the results have been certified.” That’s of course insane and not consistent with how elections have been conducted in the past and everyone knows it. People have always declared victory on Election Night if it could reasonably be assessed, no one waited until all the ballots were in and certified to make the claim. So why the change now? It seems they just want to remove the ability of Trump or his supporters to make the claim while Democrats do all they can to scurry and find mail-in votes to make up the difference.

Twitter also said they would take the same action against posts seeking to “prevent a peaceful transfer of power” and against “disputed claims” about the electoral process, including “unverified information about election rigging, ballot tampering, vote tallying, or certification of election results.” Translation: if you warn about ballot stuffing by Democrats to make up the difference, your post may be removed.

Seriously? None of these things are against the normal Twitter terms of service, it’s a purely political move, where they will determine what is “prematurely declaring victory” and they will determine what constitutes “unverified information.”

Now, it’s their website so they can pretty much do what they want. But let’s not pretend what’s going on here. Why do they suddenly in this election want to censor information in a particular way that seems to fit/help the Democratic scenario that has begun to emerge?

The funny thing about all this, of course, is that media is pitching this as Trump disputing results.

Yet, the only people who have already said they wouldn’t accept the results are the Democrats, including Hillary Clinton who advised Joe Biden not to concede under any circumstances.

So, under the new Twitter rules, this very valid and true comment by the GOP spokesperson could theoretically get whacked for telling the truth.

Brace yourself, it sounds like it’s going to be a bumpy ride.