Scary: Thousands Antifa/BLM Flood Rochester, Threatening and Smashing Restaurants, Customers Flee in Terror

Rochester Police/AP
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daniel prude

Just to set the stage, a video was released earlier this week involving the death of a black man, Daniel Prude, in police custody in Rochester. He actually died in March.


There were marches earlier in the week. So you knew it wasn’t going to be good come the weekend, and it’s not looking good right now. They are completely out of their minds.

Thousands came out, estimated around 5,500 people.

But then the “peaceful” protest, as always, went south.

Sure sounds like a threat to the cops:

Going through residential neighborhoods:

Then it got really out of hand, as they chanted, “We shut s**t down!.” They not only shut down traffic, but they were going into businesses, demanding that they shut down. Or else.


This is full-on Red Guard time, scary stuff, as they stormed the Ox Stone bar, demanding that they shut down, smashing things.

Here they are storming inside another restaurant, smashing things and people are fleeing, scared to death, then with more shots from the first restaurant.

They’re even coming through the windows. Imagine what the folks in the restaurant were thinking.

So how are Democrats and media going to justify what’s going on here? This is flat out terrorism to try to get what they want, whatever that is, it has very little to do with justice.

Cops declare an illegal assembly.


“We have nothing to lose but our chains!” They have no chains, except the chains of socialism.

They were pelting the cops with bottles and other projectiles.

But some deleted videos of the attacks on the cops, saying “don’t record crimes.”


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