Priceless: Women Hold 'Hair Dryer' Protest Outside Nancy Pelosi's Home


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being justifiably knocked for violating the pandemic rules in San Francisco against going to a hard salon. All salons are currently closed and blow outs are forbidden, yet Pelosi was caught on camera without a mask on having her hair done. The salon owner spoke out against it after one of the people who used space in her salon worked on Pelosi.

When caught and asked if she would apologize for breaking the rules while demanding everyone else adhere to them, to the degree of being put out of work, Pelosi declined, saying that the hair salon owed her the apology and that she was set-up. She blamed the hair salon for not telling her what the laws were, a ridiculous response from a “lawmaker” who has been in Congress longer than Methusaleh. As my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote, some wags said that perhaps Pelosi might have had a clue by the “closed” signs?

Pelosi managed to make Marie Antoinette trend on Twitter yet again with her entitled “Rules for thee but not for me” attitude.

But some women apparently have had enough of her and they let her know it, in a humorous protest outside her home. They strung hair dryers, curlers and an American flag from a tree which they called the “Freedom Tree.”

They chastised Pelosi for going after the salon owner whose salon has been shut down for six months because of the rules. They called for lifting the rules and allowing people to work to feed their families and to let people get their hair done again. They said they wanted to stand up for the salon owner who has been targeted by Pelosi.

Now that’s what peaceful, non-threatening protest is supposed to look like! Absolutely priceless. Few things can stand in the way of women, justifiably aggrieved! There’s are few people who deserve a peaceful protest more than Marie Antoinette Pelosi.

Guess “people do what they do,” right, Nancy?

But truly, so nice so see a protest of regular women who don’t want to burn down anything but who just want to make a point about what a hypocrite Pelosi is and how bad these lockdowns have been for ordinary people trying to work, like the salon owner.

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