Biden Presser Screams of Coordination and Kayleigh McEnany Busts Them Good

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, speaks in Wilmington, Del., Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020, about school reopenings. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Earlier, we brought you some of the weirdness of the Biden press conference on Friday where Biden read remarks off a teleprompter and even read the instructions being given to him “end of quote.” Imagine, not only to they have to feed him the answers, but they even have to instruct him where to stop reading and he then reads that. Unreal.

But that wasn’t all. It got better (or really worse, if you consider the this person they are elder abusing is put out there as a “credible” candidate).

Here’s Biden asking about where the “list” of reporters to call on is.

“I don’t have a list, so you [to staffer], go ahead and call,” Biden says.

What list? As we’ve seen in a normal press conference for President Donald Trump or anyone else, they’re able to call on reporters on their own, there’s no prepared “list” of people to call on. He basically just admitted there’s a “list” of people to call on.

Now, when you see the questions, it’s completely believable. It’s like a softball festival to whack on the president, served up by the media.

When the media questions Trump, they are primarily adversarial, even down to pushing Democratic talking points at times.


But when questioning Biden, there were no hard questions.

Talk about fawning, especially the first three questions, which are ridiculous. The first question was even to The Atlantic reporter who asked, “What does The Atlantic article tell you about Trump’s soul and the life he leads?” Is that seriously a question?

“Why don’t you get angrier?” Ed O’Keefe asks him and you can see him looking down, apparently reading the answer. He can’t read the answer unless he knows what the question is. And that might explain that “list” of people to call on.

This guy who’s lecturing on civility here is the person who has repeatedly said he’d like to take Trump outside. Biden’s the guy who’s lost it multiple times on voters, the only candidate I ever saw verbal attack voters in person, calling them: dog-faced pony soldier, lying piece of s**t, old, fat, even threatening to take a voter outside. So please, he needs to give himself a lecture on civility.


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was having none of it.

Can we say “coordination” again? And asking things to make it as easy as possible upon Biden?

Yet still Biden can’t quite get it right.


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