'Nothing to See Here!': Reporters Actually Try to Write Off Riots With Photos of Tranquil Scenes

'Nothing to See Here!': Reporters Actually Try to Write Off Riots With Photos of Tranquil Scenes
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Reporters can’t seem to keep up with where they are supposed to be any more, with the Democratic script flip-flopping so much. Democrats finally discovered the riots and some are now condemning the “violence” (albeit not so much the leftists behind the violence). But some of the reporters are still stuck back on the “denial” memo and “Antifa isn’t real” fantasy of Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), wanting to show that cities weren’t “ablaze.”

So some of them actually began posting pretty pictures as if to suggest that the riots we’ve been seeing plague cities like Portland for the last three months weren’t real.

Here’s CNN’s Josh Campbell (formerly worked for James Comey) still spinning:

Yeah, he got his breakfast burrito so screw the Trump who was killed a few days ago allegedly by a guy who said he was “100% Antifa” or Ted Wheeler’s neighbors having their condo building lit on fire.

As I reported last night, CNN has failed to cover a lot of the riots in Portland, even minimizing it to being “largely confined” to a two block area around the courthouse, apparently missing the trips to Ted Wheelers condo in the Pearl District, the northeast attacks on the Penumbra Kelly building, the attacks on the Portland Police Association building in the north or the attacks on the ICE building in the south, not to mention the rampaging through residential neighborhoods in the process. So maybe for CNN, all the damage, the fires, the assaults aren’t real, because CNN hasn’t bothered to cover much of the action.

Becket Adams had more denialists here, most posting pretty pictures of parks near D.C.


So are they really trying to suggest that the riots aren’t happening? Shall we tell that to the people of Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York and D.C., among many others? Obviously, the citizens of Kenosha would beg to differ.

But isn’t this the height of arrogance and privilege, to suggest if in that moment, the area in which they stand isn’t ablaze, that the riots must not exist.

Of course, this reveals is that they of course are so wedded to the Democratic narrative/anti-Trump narrative that they will literally twist reality.

But then, they’ve effectively played themselves with these pictures of tranquility, haven’t they? If riots don’t exist, then none of those Democratic conspiracies do either and everything is just hunky dory.

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