D.C. Committee Recommends Removal, Relocating or Changes to Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Other Assets

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The Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol beyond, are seen, Thursday, Dec. 27, 2018, in Washington, during a partial government shutdown. There is no end in sight to the partial government shutdown. President Donald Trump has vowed to hold the line on his budget demand, telling reporters during his visit to Iraq Wednesday that he’ll do “whatever it takes” to get money for border security. The White House and congressional Democrats have been talking but to little effect. Washington area national parks will remain open during the partial government shutdown, but without visitor center services. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Joe Biden, other Democrats and media have lied constantly about President Donald Trump’s comments regarding the statue debate in Charlottesville, the “very fine people” comment.

But one of the things often overlooked is how prescient the president was about the left’s desire to destroy history. He was basically saying if a mob can pull down Confederate statues without the rule of law, then what would be next on the list? That would people want to pull down Thomas Jefferson and George Washington because they too were slave owners?

Now we see how prophetic that was, because that’s exactly what they then went on to do, pulling down Washington, even pulling down the statues of abolitionists in the process and trying to pull down Abraham Lincoln.

Now, it sounds like the officials in D.C. want to assist this destruction of history, Stalin-esque mania.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has put together a “working committee” which has made recommendations for name changes to better reflect “contemporary D.C. values.”


They’re even making recommendations as to Federal property, such as the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial, which they have no power over, so, oh hell, no.

Bad enough that they want to go after D.C. history, but don’t you dare try to remove the Washington Monument or the Jefferson Memorial. “Contextualize?” I generally think more history generally the better, but if one acceded to that, one wonders what “history” would come out on the other side of a “contextualization.” And then when you start down that road where does that leaves us? Shall we add a little #MeToo context to Bill Clinton that we didn’t hear at the Democratic National Convention? Again, to echo President Trump, where does it stop? At what point does the Stalinesque mania end?

How about no? What actually is needed is to have more instruction on the importance of our Founders, why what they did was exceptional and why it should be honored.


It perhaps goes without saying that the committee report was met by a volley of outrage in response.


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