CNN's Brian Stelter Freaks Out that Trump Dared to Say 'Mostly Peaceful' Portland Was Ablaze

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Brian Stelter

CNN doesn’t hide their bias against President Donald Trump and it’s sad that the network that used to be a credible news organization many years ago has become just a propaganda vehicle for the Democratic Party.


But sometimes they’re just so biased they embarrass themselves, like with the statements of Brian Stelter about the President and Portland.

Naturally, it involves a criticism of Fox in the process too. Lack of self-awareness, maybe he should repair his own house and his own inaccuracies before he looks at a network far more accurate and popular than his own.

He’s attacking Trump for saying about Portland that the “the entire city is ablaze all the time.” Gee, so only some parts are ablaze part of the time, so it’s really not important, right, Brian? Perhaps that explains why your network has falsely pitched the “fiery but mostly peaceful lie” for these month of rioting?

CNN inaccurately claims that it’s “largely been confined to a small area in the immediate vicinity of a federal courthouse” when in fact BLM/Antifa have indeed hit all over the city. Antifa/BLM has hit downtown, the SouthEast and the NorthEast, hitting residential neighborhoods as well as city businesses and a variety of different police buildings across the city, including assaulting cops, residents and destroying property, lighting fires all over.


Stelter’s affronted by Trump’s statement but not affronted by his own networks downplaying of the problem and calling it “mostly peaceful” for months. He’s ignored the millions in damage, the hundreds of arrests, all the people injured and the attacks around the city and the outskirts.

The problem really is that CNN doesn’t even understand how broad the problem is because they haven’t actually covered it. BLM had a riot on Monday night, hitting a different neighborhood with the mayor’s condo and set fire inside the condo building where many families were sleeping. I did a quick check for CNN coverage of what the BLM did last night. There was no coverage, on a quick look.

There is no fire! There is no fire! Whoops.

Instead, CNN served up things like this malarkey about the riots in general, claiming that Trump was somehow making up riots, even while using a picture showing things ablaze.


Then there was this fiery but mostly peaceful insanity.

So what is Stelter saying with his remarks? That it’s cool if Antifa/BLM is hitting across the city of Portland but not every single block? What’s even the point of his comment? CNN has spent months downplaying it, so now he’s continuing to downplay it?

If a house is on fire, do you say the house is on fire or the bedroom and bathroom are on fire but not every other room? No, you say the house in on fire. More than that, you don’t deny the fire, you try to put it out.

Portland is a disaster and everyone there knows it because the local and national Democrats haven’t given a darn about the problem. Media have been their willing participants in this little deception. They’re just disturbed that Trump is trying to call out the fire.


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