Joy Reid Is Gaslighting Like There's No Tomorrow With Her Take on the Riots

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Joy Reid

Now, MSNBC’s Joy Reid has a history of telling hard to believe stories.

Remember when she claimed that her blog had been hacked and that’s why there were all those objectionable things including allegedly homophobic slurs printed on it? She faced some flack for awhile but them because she was on the left, somehow it all just seemed to fade into the background and she still has a job at MSNBC with a pretty big platform to influence people.


But if you thought that was more than a little crazy, her latest foray into fantasyland and conspiracy theory is something else.

Who is behind the riots, according to Reid? It’s “white nationalists.”

She also claims that the “white nationalists” were doing all this rioting to help Trump and that he was going to Kenosha to “whip up more violence.”

Now anyone who has watched what has been going on for the last three months knows how ridiculous this is, as Andy Ngo pointed out to her.

Reid’s claim is denying all reality


But if this were true, why did Kamala Harris, Biden staffers and Hollywood celebrities contribute to the bail fund to get people out of jail for accused riot crimes?

Why have Democrats for the past three months decried any effort to address the problem by people including Trump? Why have they ignored the violence or actually provided cover for it, calling this “peaceful protests?” Even in their own recent convention, not a word condemning it. Why have they themselves continuously encouraged “uprisings” or “unrest” in the streets?

No, there has been no evidence adduced to suggest Kyle Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist” but that’s the slanderous implication of Reid’s tweet. The evidence indicates he was just a kid trying to help out but that he was chased and attacked by BLM people. This kind of twisting of reality is what Reid does. But that wouldn’t negate the thousands of leftists behind these riots across the country and anyone who is trying to sell this ridiculous conspiracy theory is gaslighting like there’s no tomorrow.

There are no “mobs of white supremacists” behind the riots.

Indeed an Antifa person just executed a Trump supporter and the BLM/Antifa folks celebrated it. A BLM leader in Chicago endorsed looting. The BLM in Portland called for “every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.” BLM in Oakland just called for Death to America!” I could point to example after example, you can literally see the “protesters” slipping into their black bloc attire before they attacked cops in Chicago, injuring 49 of them.


Unfortunately, Reid has a big platform and not every American is following as closely what’s going on as we have been. That’s why she spreads this nonsense, because some people might fall for it.



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