Here Comes the Democrats' Spin on BLM Violence: Schiff Even Blames It on the Russians

AP Photo/Noah Berger
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Black Lives Matter protesters march past the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse on Friday, July 31, 2020, in Portland, Ore. Following an agreement between Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and the Trump administration to reduce federal officers in the city, nightly protests remained largely peaceful without major confrontations between demonstrators and officers. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Democrats finally figured out this week that their failure to address the months of rioting, calling it “peaceful protests” and embracing the BLM wasn’t helpful to their polling numbers.

Finally, they had Joe Biden making a weak late statement condemning the violence.

So how are they going to deflect away from the fact that they’ve let this go on in their cities, completely ignored it and their mayors/governors have failed to address it?

Here comes the Democratic spin. Of course, it’s all Trump’s fault. Somehow.

According to Rep. Val Demings (D-FL), the shooting of a Trump supporter by an apparent BLM/Antifa person is somehow the fault of the Department of Homeland Security.

From The Hill:

“This is exactly what happens when homeland security, the intelligence community, the military who are charged with protecting our homeland, are politicized,” Demings, the former chief of police in Orlando, Fla., said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” […]

“Wouldn’t it be nice for the president of the United States to take to the microphone or the airwaves and send a message for peace and calm?” she asked.

“This now more than ever is a time when we need to hear from the president of the United States,” Demings added. “But the chaos and disorder and lawlessness we are currently seeing, that’s Donald Trump’s America.”

Wait, what? The president has repeatedly offered to help Portland as well as other areas, the Democrats rejected that help and called him a fascist for daring to deal with the “peaceful protesters.” The Democratic mayor just rejected Trump’s offer of the National Guard. Democrats demonized federal agents even being able to defend themselves and the attacks on the federal courthouse. It completely got out of hand because the mayor has refused to adequately deal with it. It’s not actually Trump’s responsibility to deal with it.


Unfortunately, it’s because Democrats politicized it because of their continuing battle against Trump. It’s despicable that their actions have lead us to where we are.

But if you thought that Demings remarks were crazy and projection, just wait. There’s still Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Trust Schiff for the truly insane take on it all. It’s the Russians!

Schiff claimed that Trump was “willfully fanning the flames of this violence.” How exactly is he doing that, Adam? By offering to help stop it? Indeed, as we’ve seen, it’s Democrats willfully doing that, such as Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) encouraging “unrest” in the streets. But that’s going to be their take: it’s somehow Trump’s fault despite the fact that it’s leftists behind it in Democratic-run cities.

But then he went on to blame the Russians.

Now, while it’s true that the Russians have been behind radical left protest movements for decades, that they were behind some protests in 2016 seeking to be divisive and even promoted Occupy, Schiff tries to use that against Trump once again trying to hit Trump with the debunked “Russia, Russia, Russia” card. Schiff doesn’t get that we can actually see the people who are behind these actions. They’re not looking to help Trump, the organizers have all been involved in leftist direct actions for years.


But this is going to be the spin. Somehow, it’s people trying to help Trump. Even if Democrats have embraced it and even if it’s leftists.


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