Watch: Owner Thanks Elderly Man Who Risked His Life to Save Her Store from Rioters In Kenosha

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Kenosha riot

CBS Local interviewed the owner of a mattress store in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Sue Moniz.

Moniz described how her friend and employee, a 71 year old man, Robert Cobb, went out in the middle of the rioters to try to save her store and put out the fire after they set it ablaze.


All he had was a fire extinguisher and he’d just had double bypass surgery, but he went out there to help his friend. But he was attacked by rioters, knocked out from behind and dropped to the ground by one of them.

Warning graphic:

They broke his jaw in two places.

The store, a family-owned business, in a hundred year old building, burnt to the ground.

Moniz broke down saying it was hard losing everything that she worked for but that it was Cobb that she was more concerned about, that he risked his life to help her, selflessly. “I can’t even think about how bad it could have been,” she said.

He could have been killed like David Dorn, the retired police captain who went to save his friend’s business. We reported on how his wife, also a police officer, spoke at the Republican convention.

But fortunately, while Cobb has a broken jaw and had to get surgery, he’s still alive and still putting his friend first. The CBS reporter said that he was dodging their cameras to put the focus on Moniz and how the people of the community loved her.


“She’s my rock, my inspiration,” Cobb said.

But to Moniz, the story was all about the bravery and love of her friend. “I love this man,” Moniz said. “I love this man.”

We’ve covered a lot of the violence of the riots, but behind every store destroyed or person hurt are lives like this, irrevocably changed. Community members started a GoFundMe for the store and for Cobb’s medical expenses.

BLM folks in Chicago have even tried to justify the looting, calling it “reparations.” BLM likes to say this is all just “property” and people have “insurance.” That of course is a bad argument to start with since each of those businesses has a story like that of Sue Moniz. But more than 30 people have been killed in these riots and we’ve lost count of the number of assaults. You can never replace a David Dorn. You can never replace a Robert Cobb. What kind of people would ever do such a thing to these men?


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