Ted Wheeler Writes a Letter That's a Gift to Trump, and Suddenly, The Riots Take A Holiday in Portland

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A Black Lives Matter protester carries an American flag as teargas fills the air outside the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Riots went on in Portland for 93 days and the response of Mayor Ted Wheeler was completely lacking in any real effort to stop it.

Wheeler embraced the protests and spent more time trying to blame the federal response rather than the blaming the rioters and actually doing anything. He basically sat back and hoped it would run its way out then address the problem.

That’s resulted in millions in damage, as well as assaults on people and police. The purpose is to overburden the system to force more chaos and more cuts to the police.

But interestingly, after Democrats completely embraced the BLM during the Democratic convention and termed things as “peaceful protesting” without calling out the violence, suddenly on Wednesday, they started changing their tune, with some actually finally condemning rioting and bad behavior.

Why? Because the polling apparently showed that the rioting was badly hurting them and Biden. The memo must have gone out.

So we wanted to point out something interesting. On Thursday, the rioting in Portland for the first time in 93 days seemed to stop.

There may be a few factors at work here. The cynical might say now that the polls show it’s not helping the Democrats, it’s a rather interesting coincidence it just stops. But there may be a couple of other reasons, that is, that many of the more radical Portland types hit the road for Washington, D.C. to stir things up there. Another reason might be that there’s concern about the FBI investigation into what they can charge in the city beyond just attacks on federal agents and the federal courthouse, i.e. other federal charges. That could involved for example interstate travel for the purpose of committing crimes in Portland. 74 people have already been charged with federal offenses in Portland.


There are protests out today in Portland, we’ll have to wait till this evening to see if there are riots or whether this respite becomes a more permanent affair.

But it seems that Mayor Wheeler didn’t get the Democratic memo that seemed to have gone out around Wednesday to start condemning the riots. Because the letter he just sent out reads like a gift to President Donald Trump, refusing the president’s renewed offer of the National Guard. He’s literally more concerned about posturing for his leftist base by attacking Trump than he is about protecting his own citizens with this nasty, spiteful letter.

It’s an exercise in delusion, saying that “there is no place for looting, arson or vandalism in our city.” He then claims anyone who commits a crime will be prosecuted. Of course we’ve seen the opposite, that he let the violence happen and it isn’t being prosecuted because of the leftist DA.

He claims Trump sending extra federal agents made the situation worse. But whole lie was debunked by the continuing violent acts of the rioters even after the fed agents stepped back. Even Wheeler himself was forced to admit they attempted to murder his cops and burn down police buildings.


He finished saying they were focused on “coming together as a community” to deal with “systemic racism, a global pandemic and an economic recession. But apparently not to fight their BLM/Antifa violence problem.

This is exactly why Americans are looking at Democrats and saying that they just don’t care.

So any further violence continues to be on Wheeler and the Democrats, Trump’s done what he can to help, but they refuse more help. They hate Trump more than they care about their citizens.


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