Watch: Video of Kenosha Shooting 'Victim' Shows Critical Actions Just Before Shooting

Watch: Video of Kenosha Shooting 'Victim' Shows Critical Actions Just Before Shooting
AP Photo/David Goldman

We’ve been trying to break down all the facts surrounding the shooting in Kenosha that left two men dead and one wounded.

While police have charged 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse with murder, the videos and facts that have so far been uncovered make it unlikely that charge is going to stick.

Video shows that prior to the first shooting, Rittenhouse was being chased by BLM people including Joseph Rosenbaum, the first “victim.”

Rosenbaum appeared to throw a bag or something at him as he chases him, they run between the cars, there’s a shot and then Rosenbaum is shot, you hear what sounds like three shots allegedly by Rittenhouse.

But prior to that incident, Rosenbaum appears to be the same man caught on video by Townhall’s Julio Rosas, very agitated and aggressive, seemingly trying to start a fight with other armed men who were there to protect property. He appears to have the same bag which he may have later thrown at Rittenhouse and he comes at the armed guys, daring them and using the N-word, “Shoot me, n***a!”

Warning for language:

Here’s a short clip:

Longer interaction:

It’s not clear exactly what triggered Rosenbaum, but it does look like he was trying to get at the armed men in the minutes before the apparently chased Rittenhouse and the shooting occurred.

You can check out my colleague Streiff’s account of Rosenbaum’s background here.

But it’s pretty clear that there were ample circumstances beforehand to indicate that this was not murder; there appears to be a lot to show self-defense at this moment.

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