Interviews With Alleged Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

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Armed citizens, Kenosha

There’s a lot of attention to the shooting of multiple people last night in Kenosha.

Police have arrested 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse and charged him with murder.


Liberals are already off to the races, calling him a “white supremacist” murderer and of course, always blaming President Donald Trump. Of course there is nothing to support this, his background simply suggests he was supportive of the police.

But if you look at the video, there are likely going to be big problems with legally trying to make that stick.

While all the facts are not yet clear, enough facts have come out to suggest that he may have been protecting himself, the question may be was his response a legally proportionate response to the attacks on him.

If you look at the video progression of what happened that we have available, the first video shows Rittenhouse allegedly running into a service station, being chased and attacked, with something being thrown something at him. That first shooting happens, he calls someone, possibly 911 while the Daily Caller’s Richie McGinness tries to give medical aid to the guy who was shot, taking off his shirt to use to staunch the bleeding in his head.

Here’s a video sync that breaks it down.


Rittenhouse then leaves, being chased by multiple people, he’s thereafter attacked by one man with a skateboard and another pulls a gun on him, and he allegedly shoots them, killing one.

This picture shows that at least one of those two people who confronted him had a handgun.

Earlier, he gave interviews to two separate reporters about what he was doing there, armed in Kenosha.

As he explains in one interview to the Daily Caller’s Richie McGinness, he was there to help protect the businesses and to help people who get hurt with his medic bag, that he may be “running into harm’s way that’s why he has his rifle.”

Elijah Schaefer also interviewed him.


Schaefer says that he was offering medic help to BLM people so that it’s unlikely he’s a “white supremacist.”

While police have now charged him with first degree murder, it’s going to be challenging to make that stick, given the circumstances. Police may re-evaluate once they see all these videos.


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