Do Dems Approve of This: DNC Featured Performer, Billy Porter, Makes Vile Comment About White People

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In this image from video, Billy Porter and Steven Stills perform “For What It’s Worth”speaks during the first night of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, Aug. 17, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)

Democrats gave actor Billy Porter a featured spot at their national convention, showcasing him in a musical performance with Stephen Stills of “For What It’s Worth” basically changed into a Black Lives Matter homage.

In it he has multiple visuals suggesting that the BLM is about peace and love, in keeping with the general overall gaslighting at the convention that everyone was just a “peaceful protester” obviously set upon by the evil President Donald Trump. Clearly, not at all about violent protests.

You can see his video here:

Here’s our terrific response from Red State’s own Brandon Morse that’s just a little more truthful.

Porter gave an interview to Vanity Fair after his performance at the convention. In the interview which involved a photo portfolio celebrating the founders of Black Lives Matter, Porter made some inflammatory statements.

He was asked what issues he felt were neglected, according to the Washington Times. He replied, “White Supremacy.” Then it went over the slide.

“White people [are] choke-holding power and sucking the life out of humanity,” he said for the piece published Monday. “Orangina 45, that cancer that is in our White House, has been handed the power, without consequence, to have his hate metastasize all over the people. Why are we not talking about figuring out how to remove this monster from the highest office in the land right now! ‘Cause we might not be alive come November. And this is not hyperbole.” […]

“I chose to live my life in the fullness of my truth and authenticity decades ago, when being Black and queer could literally mean one’s death,” he said. “There are still too many of us, trans women of color to be exact, that live in fear for their lives simply for existing on the planet and living their true, authentic lives. This reality must change, and change for good!”


Yikes. What an absolute pack of crazy. First, “white people” are “sucking the life out of humanity?” If anyone other than a Democratic-endorsed celebrity had said that, people would call it what it is: full-out racist statement against white people. The rest is delusional TDS in the extreme, and almost sounds like a threat to the president. How does he propose to remove Trump “right now?”

This is the guy Democrats prominently featured at their convention? So are Democrats supporting his statements? Calling them out? Not hearing any condemnation of them or even any real coverage by liberal national media of them. They certainly had a lot of praise for his performance, without any questions of him endorsing the radical BLM political group.


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